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Fighting Coronavius with Big Data

Fighting Coronavirus with Big Data

An article from Harvard Business Review co-written by CSAIL’s Julie Shah. At MIT, efforts are underway to use existing mobile technologies to quickly develop game-changing, privacy-preserving contact tracing.

Daniel Rus White House Science Council

CSAIL Director Daniela Rus Named to White House Science Council

Daniela Rus joins a council that provides advice to the White House on topics critical to U.S. security and the economy, including policy recommendations on the future of work, American leadership in science and technology, and the support of U.S. research and development.

work of the future report

MIT Report Examines How to Make Technology Work for Society

The report, which represents the initial findings of MIT’s Task Force on the Work of the Future, punctures some conventional wisdom and builds a nuanced picture of the evolution of technology and jobs, the subject of much fraught public discussion.

future of work

How to Make Sure Robots Help Us, Not Replace Us

“It’s super easy to make a business case for reducing head count. You can always light up a boardroom” by promising to replace people with robots, says David Autor, an MIT economist and co-chair of the task force, who gave an interview about the report.

Business Leaders Gird for ‘Organizational Explosions’

For the last four years, the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research has collected data from more than 800 organizations that are undergoing digital transformation, according to Nick van der Meulen, research scientist at the center.

AI in Healthcare Funding Hits New High

During the first six months of 2019, healthcare companies globally raised $26.9 billion, compared to $26.5 billion during the same time period in 2018. AI-focused companies in the space also saw a new funding high during the second quarter of the year, as investors zero in on the technology’s emerging presence.

How Cities Should Prepare for Artificial Intelligence

While there is much discussion of how artificial intelligence will continue to transform industries and organizations, a key driver of AI’s role in the global economy will be cities. How cities deal with coming changes will determine which ones will thrive in the future.

What the Future of Manufacturing and Labor Looks Like for Humans and Robots

Is the diffusion of AI going to harm middle-class jobs? Broadly speaking, we can expect to see labor displacement (shorter-term) and labor adaptation (longer-term). Some experts say that in the coming decades, technology will likely change the type of work that is done, but AI won’t be powerful enough to truly replace humans for most jobs.




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